Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ladies Night

 Jennifer of the blog, (In)Courage, describes the power of "ladies nights". These aren't your average ladies nights. For example, she and her lady friends focused their domesticity and made meals to put in your freezer. Who doesn't want to have a ready-to-go meal in a pinch? Here is more: 

I have started brainstorming other creative friendship builders that could be incorporated into our ladies nights "with purpose." When thinking about your own ideas, ask yourself what gift can you bring to share? Is there something that you love to do and could encourage others through the process?
Here are just a few possibilities that I came up with, but I can't wait to hear your additions. Some of the ideas are seasonal, while others can be scheduled for any time.
  • Clean each other's house. Take a Saturday and split into teams of three. Set the timer for two hours at each house and clean..yes, really deep clean. (I know, I know, they'd have to be wonderful friends ;)
  • Tackle DIY projects that been on that procrastination list - paint a room, refinish a trash to treasure yard sale find, rearrange the living room furniture.
  • Cut, organize and swap coupons (one of my favorites)
  • Bulk baking day - bread making
  • Can seasonal fruits and vegetables ( I want to learn this one!!)
  • Sew some slip covers, "mistreatments" or pillow covers.
  • Thrift store shopping 
  • Plant the garden (seasonal)
  • Address Christmas Cards (seasonal)
Spending time with friends is precious, but creatively blending time with friends, while embracing our domestic side has been such a wonderful addition.

Kind of cool, right? Ladies night is good for you. : )

Shout out to CaraBetsyMelissaAmandaChristin, Kate, Catherine, Meredith, Jeanne, Ashleigh, and Sarah whom I have shared a Ladies night with. 

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