Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Crafter's Devotional Days 17 + 18

I made yesterday's entry, Day 17, but forgot to post it. Reason being, Alex and I went to that new pub downtown called NoseDive. We noshed on gastronomical foodstuffs and heard some guy sing Dave Matthews. Then I came home and slumbered. All the while my post was never published.

Photo via Google Images

"Sometimes creative energy works all by itself."
Yesterday's entry, Day 17. When I visited Iceland with my Granny and cousins, we drove for hours through a glacial wilderness (at what seemed a glacial pace). I had with me a journal, pencils, and an imaginative spirit. That trip I discovered what I called, "fate art". The roads were bumpy and it was difficult to write or draw without my pencil abruptly disturbed. So I decided to just roll with the punches and make something of the situation. I delicately held my pencil to the paper and let the car/road produce a composition. The amazing result was a simple picture representing what we experienced on that rocky drive. Man, I wish I could find that journal.

Photo of that Icelandic road via motorcyclistonline

Finding Her Artistic Voice
Now is today's entry, Day 18. Remember Thursday is personal history day. Listed in today's devotional is a story about an artist who creates art for expression. She claims it is the best way to "find your voice". My homework is to display my perspective on an issue without using words.

I entitle this piece, "Success Is Simple, Look It Up".

This piece was made using Odosketch

I chose to do a plain ole checkmark and box to describe the simplicity of success. Why? By definition, success is "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose". So really, success is nothing more than checking something off a list.

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