Friday, February 11, 2011

The Crafter's Devotional Day 5:

The Power of Sacred Places
Hmmm. I would like to know where the writer is going with this one. Today I am asked to think of my place of worship. These words come to mind:

organized, elaborate, robust, bright, old-fashioned, upright, wood, white, interesting.

There was a Lutheran church I visited once that had a fountain in the back of the sanctuary. You could hear the water trickling as you prayed. That would distract me from my train of thought. Some churches I have visited have kneelers below the pews. Some have little holes cut out in the pew to hold your disposable cup from communion. Modern churches are more functional than formal. I like formal though. Doesn't our God deserve the best place of worship? It seems that those in Latter-Day-Saint circles have it down:
How this relates to crafting? I assume it is drawing inspiration from your own personal life. Hmmm.

If you ever have time to see some fascinating houses of worship, check out pictures of some churches and a Mormon Temple.

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