Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Crafter's Devotional Day 6 + 7

What Is Folk Art?
It is based in cultural tradition and everyday life. I was going to make some folk art and post it here but
1) I can't find the camera cord 2) Its Valentine's weekend 3) I might be a little lazy.

At least I am honest.

My husband has been working on a large piece in our living room. We changed out our interior doors and then he used two of the (very old) doors as canvases. With copier paper and flour water, he added interest with paper mache. After that was finished he hung the doors horizontally a few inches apart and will be painting them soon. I can't wait to see (and for you to see) it.

To be honest (again), I haven't liked folk art. But then I was introduced to blogging and attended our local Indie Craft Parade. Glad to know that there is good quality folk art out there!

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