Saturday, February 5, 2011

Getting out of the house

This weekend is super bowl. Apparently we are hosting a party. So, my dear husband was so kind to send me out of the house so he could clean and I wouldn't have to worry. Isn't that sweet? Now, I am sitting at Spill The Beans in downtown Greenville. (It's couldn't figure how to link the name to their website on my iPad.) Anyhoo, just returned with my MIL and sis-in-law from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I came away with some old old ribbon and they came out with a vintage Hallmark card file/organizer with cards inside! I love finding bits and pieces of peoples lives in my purchases. My husband was hoping I would have found a super awesome Mid-Century dining table in solid wood for cheap. Every old table was veneer (that had seen better days). Did EVERY table from the 50-70s use veneer? Hopefully we will have a nice MCM table by this August. Mad Men Party! Parties are great times to enjoy our homes, but right this second I enjoy being out of the house.

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