Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Crafter's Devotional Day 22:

Image via Discovery of the ocean east of Tasmania

The Colors of a New Destination
I challenge you. The next time you are on a trip, take some coloring utensils with your journal. You can record the atmosphere in relation to hues. Not the literal atmosphere, unless that is where your creativity leads you. I mean the "feel of the place". For example, the book details someone's journal entry of Italy. She visited wine country and pressed a grape leaf with a green crayon. Then at the wine tasting, she dipped a cork in the wine and made grapes.

This task I will have to complete in the near future. Laura Murphy Frankstone journals about her travels and shares them on her website, Laurelines. Another artist takes on journaling here.

Maybe you should try it! Pick up a travel art set and journal and go someplace!

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