Thursday, May 26, 2011

Enjoy What You Eat

The Chocolate Moose
Yet another cupcake shop has opened in downtown Greenville. I couldn't be happier since I believe cupcakes should be a big part of your diet. My mom, almost-sister, brother, and friends went to Falls Park for a picnic today and I took a dozen "Death by Chocolate".

They were pretty good, which I expected since they were $2.50 a piece. My mom said to me, "what happened to your sugar/gluten/yeast/wheat free diet"? Well there is a new diet in town. It's called ENJOY WHAT YOU EAT. My friend Stephen O. loaned me the book The Gospel Of Food, a great read for anyone worried about what they eat.

There is science proving that your body absorbs more nutrients if you enjoy what you eat. I'm sold.


  1. Love it =) and I really want one of those cupcakes. I've been majorly disappointed by the another cupcake shops here in town...there cupcakes are so blah and they cost the same.

  2. Those cupcakes were AMAZING!!! mom

  3. I like your idea! The cupcakes look great too!

  4. I must read this book. And eat a cupcake.

  5. Just the philosophy that guides my eating. And that book is a must read too!