Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Now Posting! B&A

 After spending many days pondering things like, "purposeful blogging" and "where do I fit in?" it was time I rejoined the blog.  Why not take what I love and use it to my personal benefit? My favorite type of blog post is a "before and after" or "B&A" (I just made that up). But before I show you my personal B&A photographs, I should warn you that I don't have one of those "fancy" cameras with special editing. I have a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P200 7.2 MP Digital Camera from the stone ages and a pretty shiny iPhone 4. Strangely-yet-not-surprisingly, the iPhone takes waaay better photos. One of these days I will get something awesome like the Nikon D5100. But, my husband and I believe $800+ to be out of our poor man's budget.
 Lets begin, shall we? First up I will show you the progress our kitchen has made. This lovely photograph was taken on our walk through. We were elated to be just married moving into a house rather than apartment, so we ooh-ed and ahh-ed on the cutesy-ness of our new abode. So cute. 
Then we realized that the orange and woodsy cabinetry wasn't quite our tang, so we changed it up a bit. We also added appliances, dishes, utensils, and pain paint.

 Pretty nice for a couple of newlyweds, right? Proud of our efforts, we kept it this way for over a year. Also, we felt too guilty to change anything because we got so much awesome help from the husbands family with painting/cleaning/etc. But alas, the hippopotamus we call a refrigerator was in the way ALL the time, the wall color was crowding the space, we needed a dishwasher, and the white cabinets were too...white. All that and a bag of chips -paint chips. Martha Stewart Okra and Talc to be exact. Scroll to see. 

 Much better! It looks more spacious, right? With our new approach, we also changed things like the light fixture (IKEA's Fado Pendant), the shelves (again, IKEA: Grundtal and Värde), and got us a dishwasher. My soft hands are thanking me for that last one. Also thanks to mom! We really hated wasting so much water for hand washing our dishes. The dishes never seemed very clean and we would always procrastinate so it was a gross mess when we finally got around to doing it. Ew. All that to say, we are pretty happy with our kitchen progress. But don't consider us finished. Baby steps will get us to the perfect home, but I like it already. Sigh. Oh, you should probably know we didn't get rid of our refrigerator. Its in the 'utility' room right next to where I was standing to take these photographs. We think it is much happier with the other big appliances like the washer, the dryer, the water heater, and the microwave. There is even room for a dry goods pantry out there too so the cold food doesn't get lonely. That is another post waiting to be written. Well there you have it for B&A post numero uno. Come back again to see our next post about the guest bathroom! 


  1. Love it! The row of mugs above the stove gives me a happy.

  2. Katelyn Asire9/20/11, 10:13 PM

    Fun! I love you kitchen and the colors are nice and cheery.

  3. Very nice job! Every time I go to your house, it really does look bigger!
    Linda G.

  4. Awe! So happy to see this! You guys did a fantastic job. I hear you on the "dishes piling up to a nasty mess..." happens all the time here. It gives me anxiety. Haha. Hope we get to dig into home renovations soon enough, until then and beyond I'll be excited to follow along in your endeavors!!